Against the Grain make a wide range of custom made timber windows, doors, gates, and bench tops from a variety of durable Australian and imported timbers.

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See below our range of exquisite custom made timber windows including:

Awning, Bi-Fold, Casement, Double Hung, Sashless, Louvre & Sliding Windows

 Awning Windows 

Awning windows are well-designed for both federation and contemporary homes. Attractive and practical, awning windows allow for continuous air flow into the home – even during wet weather when hinged from the top.

 Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows have a great ability to transform spaces and create the illusion of more space. They are fantastic in kitchens as a servery and a link to outdoor entertaining areas.

 Casement Windows

A casement window portrays the quintessence and tradition of the past and as such, are often the preferred choice for heritage restorations.

 Double Hung Windows

A double hung window can either be a dramatic contemporary look or recapture traditional Australian architecture. They are practical, adaptable and beautiful.

 Sashless Windows

Sashless windows are perfect if you want to ensure your view is not interrupted. Two sliding panels of glass are built into a narrow metal frame; this frame is then fixed into a solid timber frame.

 Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows are excellent for directing air flow and letting sunlight into your home while keeping out wet weather.

 Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are both practical and durable. They have fewer moving parts than some other types of windows so can also be low maintenance.




See below our range of strong & stylish custom made timber doors including:

Bi-Fold, Sliding, Entry, French & Other Doors

 Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-folding doors are perfect for dividing rooms so that extra space can be created when needed or for enjoying indoor to outdoor entertaining.

 Sliding Doors

Sliding doors allow generous ventilation into your home, ensuring your view is unobstructed and are the perfect choice where space is at a premium.

 Entry Doors

Entry doors enhance the style and design of your home; but on a more practical level, provide security for the homeowner and nothing gives peace of mind like a solid timber door.

 French Doors

French doors add real charm and a traditional feel to a doorway that leads out to a porch, verandah or outdoor entertaining area, but can be used inside the home too.

 Other Doors

If you are looking for a solid timber door for any application then look no further.



See below some examples of the quality timber gates we have produced including:


Pedestrian Gates, Gates with Arbours, Driveway Gates


 Timber Gates

Gates are a necessity not a luxury in most homes, offering security and peace of mind. 

Being custom made they will be designed to tie in perfectly to your home and existing fencing, becoming a beautiful feature of your home.


Our timber gates are custom made for a perfect fit and shape ensuring they are faultless in operation.




​See below some examples of the stunning custom timber bench tops we have produced from a variety of beautiful hardwoods.


Bench Tops

Timber bench tops are hard-wearing and long-lasting and can be made in any size and shape. Timber is so versatile and easily accommodates modern, traditional or even quirky spaces. 


With a variety of Australian and imported hardwoods to choose from, each with their own unique colour hues, it is easy to bring a natural, organic element to your home and incredible warmth that only timber can achieve. 

Timber bench tops are a beautiful way of incorporating timber into your interior design.