A few years ago business owner, David Spees, purchased a German made machine that turns all our timber sawdust into highly efficient, clean burning cylindrical shaped briquettes.  This is done by hydraulic compression alone... no glues, no additives, just pure sawdust.

These briquettes have been a big hit with the locals in the cooler months for their woodburners.  But as we found out when speaking to our regulars, they had a multitude of uses, including compost, mulch, chicken coops, garden paths and more.

In 2017 we worked with Cleanaway to apply for a Bin Trim rebate through the Environmental Protection Authority, and our application was successful.  This rebate went a small way toward the purchase of a more powerful machine that produces a larger rectangular shaped briquette.  

These new improved briquettes are super efficient - you use less fuel to heat your home, get a hotter fire with less ash and less creosote build up in your flue.  Regular firewood has a moisture content of up around 26%, our briquettes contain less than 12% - its the moisture that reduces heat output, creating more smoke emissions and creosote build up. 

Switch from firewood to our briquettes and reduce your own carbon footprint... and give away your axe!

Biomass Briquettes

for fireplaces & outdoor fire pits

  • Sawdust compacted into briquettes

  • Easy to light & maintain fire

  • BYO container 

25  x Briquettes  $10

60  x Briquettes  $20

100 x Briquettes  $30